Fingbox Australia

Fingbox Australia

Fingbox is the digital caretaker that watches over your network to detect intruders, block devices, warn you about network threats and analyze the quality of your Internet connection. Over 20,000 homes have already chosen Fingbox to secure and troubleshoot their network.

With features like remote monitoring, digital presence detection, network and device alerts, internet pause for parental control, a digital fence and internet security checks, Fingbox protects your home and family online.

Streaming video, doing homework, remote surveillance, working from home, video calls, online gaming… Our lifestyle depends on a network being fast and secure. Who helps when things slow down or stop working? Fingbox takes care of your smart home or office and puts you back in control.

Any purchase includes a lifetime subscription to the standard Fingbox service.

Parental control

  • Track who is online
  • Limit internet access
  • See device activity and history

Improve network performance

  • Find Wi-Fi sweet spots
  • Discover bandwidth-hogging devices
  • Test your Internet speed

Protect your home

  • Detect Wi-Fi attacks
  • Monitor surrounding devices
  • Block intruders

Fingbox Australia

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